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Microsoft Exchange server 2016 Setup Full

The Microsoft Exchange Server’s most popular mail server is the presence of all the friends. Today’s Perryz, October 1, 2015, introduced the new version of the product itself, the 2016 version, which I downloaded as usual with my account from Microsoft, and I will download it without any interference with the original name with you. Be careful, as with most Microsoft server serial products, this software is provided only 64-bit.

As always, MD5 and SHA1 are also provided for those loved ones who want to be sure of their files being downloaded.

It is not a good idea to mention that the DVT group just gave it a few hours ago under the name of MICROSOFT_EXCHANGE_SERVER_2016-DVTiSO inside the scene, and shared it with the nfo file along with the release of two serials. One for the Standard version and one for the Enterprise version. I do not need to separate the nfo file for it’s not necessary to download the release for these two serials.

Download link :

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