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Windows 10 Lastest Version 1709 Full Version

Microsoft today has released a new version of Windows 10, which is itself version 1709 (September 2017), but also known as Fall Creators Update. As always, we will get the original version of this product with our own accounts directly from Microsoft and share it without any interference with your original name. Of course, several days ago an unofficial version of the product was published on the Internet, but as usual, we waited for Microsoft to provide its official discs.

Given that we share products for network administrators on this website, we provide Volume Volume for organizational purposes. It should be noted that in this version of Windows 10, Microsoft has modified the volume of the data discs in such a way that the disk will combine all versions of Volume (ie Enterprise and Pro VL and Education) together at the time of installation. Choose which version you would like to install. Be careful that the Enterprise version has the most functionality and is the most suitable for organizational purposes.

The thing that comes to my attention in this release is the deployment of the WSL (or the Windows Subsystem for Linux), which allows you to use this feature without having to go into the developer mode, and in addition to Ubuntu, you can choose other You will also have famous distros.

Tip 1: If you want to add something new to Windows 10 in this update, you can use this page from Microsoft’s blogs.

Tip 2: If you want to use Remote Server Administration Tools or RSAT, you can download it directly from Microsoft free of charge .

According to the usual routine of the site, MD5 and SHA1 are also provided for those friends who want to make sure their files are secure.

I hope this post can be useful for friends, colleagues and dear friends.

Download 32bit : en windows 10 multi-edition vl version 1709 updated sept 2017 x86

Download 64bit : en windows 10 multi-edition vl version 1709 updated sept 2017 x64

Download : Activator

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