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VMWare Workstation 14.0.0 For Windows

The VMware PreRoyoz VMware Workstation introduced its new virtual desktop virtualization software, VMware Workstation. Like many other software companies, the company turned down the number 13 and went straight from version 12 to version 14.

The EMBRACE group also presented this application with Schedule Keygen yesterday, which I will be sharing with you after receiving and testing this release today.

We’ve had a lot of changes in this version that you can use to view the list of these changes if you want to use the VMware Release Notes for this release. But what I would like to mention is Ubuntu 17.04 and Fedora 26, and CentOS 7.4 and RHEL 7.4, and Debian 9.1, and Oracle Linux 7.4, and SLE 12 SP3 and OpenSUSE 42.3 as Guest. I suggest that you read the Known Issues section, because there are some problems with Fedora 26 and Windows 10 Insider Preview. Also, be aware that this link may not be available from the IP of US-sanctioned countries.

Note: According to VMware, this version of software does not run on CPUs manufactured before 2011, so if you would like, you can read the Release Notes section of the System Requirements section to make sure your CPU is supported.

We have the Untouched version of the app, which is exactly the release of the Scene, and it’s UnRARed, which may be easier to use (for those who are more comfortable with the use of having the original release more important).

I hope it can be useful for friends and colleagues.

Note: VMware v. 11 will ship its Workstation itself as a 64-bit version only.

Download : VMWare Workstation 14.0.0 For Windows

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